This is the animation in Slack’s blog post announcing the new logo

When should a company change their logo?

1/ A Strategic Shift — Yes

Airbnb decided that it was time to grow up a bit.


Netflix changed to signal the new reality


So did Uber

Uber (recent re-design)

2/ Poorly Done Original — Yes

Left: the bloody awful original logo. Right: the revamped logo


Nothing to say here, just look at the original.


3/ Brand Fatigue — No

Easily the best example of brand fatigue


Mind-blowingly expensive Pepsi redesign


4/ Hey, Look At Us! — No

Using an emoji as logo means you’re generic


5/ New Leadership — No

Google updated their logo partly to reflect a change in leadership


6/ Mistaking Logo for Brand — No


Ok, So What About Slack?

The Bottom Line

Brand/marketing executive, former Netflix, MZ. I write on startups, strategy, business, culture & design. Also on Instagram @craftbarry @inthechipswithbarry

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